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The NuTritional Pearls Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of The Nutritional Pearls Podcast with your hosts Jimmy Moore and Christine Moore, NTP. Today we dig into what this word bioindividuality that we use so often really means. We are all different and so each of us needs to find the diet that will work best for us. You've probably heard messages like this in the nutritional health online world and thought to yourself, "But how do I do that?" You've come to the right place as health podcaster and international bestselling author of KETO CLARITY Jimmy Moore along with his Nutritional Therapy Practitioner wife Christine Moore, NTP help you circumnavigate this whole topic of bioindividuality to figure out what diet and lifestyle plan is right for you in this JIMMY RANTS/Nutritional Pearls Podcast crossover episode.

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"You should start with a solid foundation, then find out what you can add to that to get the best results." – Jimmy Moore

"Carbs are sugar and they light up the same portion of the brain that addictive drugs do." – Christine Moore, NTP