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The NuTritional Pearls Podcast

Jul 8, 2019

We’re back with more episodes of the Nutritional Pearls Podcast with your hosts Jimmy Moore and Christine Moore, NTP. If you’ve been following along with Jimmy’s twice daily show JIMMY RANTS, then you know all about the Seven-Day Water Fasting Challenge. What does an NTP think of fasting? Find out in today’s episode.

The 7-Day Water Fasting Challenge was created by health podcaster and the international bestselling author of THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FASTING (co-authored by fasting guru Dr. Jason Fung) Jimmy Moore. Jimmy is leading a group of 2,000+ of his followers all across his social media channels on a set goal of not eating for a week for the sake of gaining health. This update is a special edition JIMMY RANTS/Nutritional Pearls Podcast crossover episode featuring Jimmy’s wife and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Christine Moore, NTP who chimes in with her expert thoughts about extended fasting in this podcast.

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“Fasting is a great way to get your blood sugar stable in a hurry.” – Christine Moore, NTP

“The cool thing is when you have the salt it gives you a boost. It helps with the sensation of eating, but it’s full of minerals that you need, especially Redman’s Real Salt.” – Jimmy Moore